Dynamic Dog Training Services, LLC
& Paws From the Heart 

The Little Rhodie Bully Breed Club, Inc.

Who We Are

Meet Susan Parker, co-owner with Harry Parker, of Dynamic Dog Training/Services, LLC. in Warwick, RI.

I professionally train people to train their dogs with my well known, SCIENCE BASED POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT TRAINING methods of dog training. My style of training is fun and upbeat. During my classes, my clients, dog and human alike, play games while listening to music, and learn without even realizing it. 

I am told by many of my clients that their favorite game to play is "Musical Paws," which teaches heeling. 

My commitment is to develop professional recognition, communication, education, understanding, and cooperation within the community. 

I have conducted various educational seminars and presentations over the years on dog training/behavior and enriching the dogs lives during their shelter stay. These seminars, I wrote specifically for shelters and non-profit organizations. I began instructing the first dog training classes at the West Warwick Animal Shelter and have trained many ambitious new dog trainers since then. I also have written numerous articles on dog training and behavior, as well as written my own instructional manual, as a guide for newly adoptive families. I have also created a professional DVD explaining my training program for shelter volunteers and shelter dogs. 

I teach my own “Pooches and Pacifiers” program, which I believe is extremely beneficial for parents who are raising babies and toddlers with dogs. I also created and teach “The Kids Safe and Sound Dog Bite Prevention Program” with one clear objective: to provide safety, support, and representation for all families with children. I educate families on all aspects of canine management, health, and training. There are hundreds of dog bites reported every year. My goal is to provide information that will help keep children safe and sound, and share guidelines to help prevent children from being bitten by a dog. 

Through the years, I have been interviewed by American Dog Magazine, Animal Planet channel, and Animal Print magazine and have written articles that have been published in the book: “Top Tips from Top Trainers” put out by The Association of Pet Dog Trainers. My work has also been published in multiple websites and newspaper articles. 

I have been interviewed by Channel 10, Channel 12, and Channel 6 News in Rhode Island for my continual work and programs. 

I do NBC 10's Place-A-Pet of the week segment with host, Mario Hilario, on a regular basis; displaying shelter dogs from Providence, RI.

My work with shelter dogs has been featured in the Humane Society of the United States' newsletter in Spring 2005. 

My work has been nationally recognized by Maddie’s Fund and in 2008 I won a $5,000.00 grant for my work with training shelter pit bulls. I have extensive expertise in rehabilitating the most difficult dogs with positive, humane methods. I currently teach the only class like it of its kind, “Out of the Pits and Into the Ritz” which is specific to pit bulls currently residing in the shelters or for pit bulls and their new families who recently adopted them. 

I continue my education in the dog training and behavioral field by attending the most highly recommended Dog Training/Behavior and Health Conferences all over New England. 

I have been voted “Top Dog" in the Animal Print Magazine reader’s choice awards since 2008, in Rhode Island, as well as southern Massachusetts. 

Other Professional Skills: 

I am an AKC Canine Good Citizen ® instructor and evaluator, as well as an APDT C.L.A.S.S. (Canine Life and Social Skills) instructor and evaluator. 

I am a pet therapy instructor and take my own dogs, as well as certain shelter dogs I have trained, on a weekly basis to nursing homes to visit the patients and spread cheer. I have over 22 years professional experience in pet therapy as well as in the medical field.....(making me a top notch pet therapy instructor). My own pet therapy program, "Lexi's Circle of Friends" is HOSPICE certified. 

I am a professional guest speaker for public schools and do pet education programs with my own dogs. 

I am a mentor for The MET School in Providence, RI and The North American Family Institute (NAFI) in Cranston, RI.

I am a member of the Rhode Island Animal Control Association. 

I am the only dog trainer in the state of Rhode Island who trains and certifies dogs to become working pet therapy dogs at TF Green Airport (PVD), through a program we spearheaded called "PVD Pups". PVD Pups assist fearful flyers throughout the airport.

I have been a keynote speaker in Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts. I have successfully taught seminars for the Animal Control Association combined with The Humane Society of the United States, speaking on the topic of canine good citizen training and utilizing shelter pit bulls that I have effectively trained. 

Community Service/Special Interests: 

I am the president and founder of The Little Rhodie Bully Breed Club, Inc. (A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization), member of the Humane Society of the United States, member of Association of Pet Dog Trainers, member of Odd Dog Rescue, and the Rhode Island Animal Control Association. 

Personal Info: 

I have been married for many years to my wonderful husband, Harry. Harry is also an instructor and is the biggest asset and key component to all of my work related programs. 
Together, we have three grown children. We are also the proud parents of multiple adopted shelter dogs and a few rescued cats. 

When not working with dogs, I enjoy spending time with my family doing such things as hiking, mountain biking, swimming, and eating pizza!

Our Mission Statement

The Little Rhodie Bully Breed Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Federal Tax Exempt organization dedicated to aiding shelter pit bulls in Rhode Island. We work hard on changing the current negative outlook of these dogs by providing educational workshops, training, and demonstrating with our dogs  & shelter dogs how magnificent this breed really is. We promote and teach responsible dog ownership.  We also perform public musical/educational shows across the country.  We work with shelter pit bulls and train volunteers to train them to receive their AKC Canine Good Citizenship, which helps the dogs become more adoptable. We also train specific shelter dogs to become pet therapy dogs before they are adopted.  We teach an inner city youth high school shelter pit bull program & only use positive reinforcement training with the dogs. We are dedicated and committed to: educating the general public, media, lawmakers, and others on the American Pit Bull Terriers and other bully breed type dogs. Our mission is to bring communities together through leadership, education, rescue of the breed, community involvement, and awareness.

Susan, with Harry and Callie, giving a speech on Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) at the Charlotte, North Carolina Amazing Pet Expo.

More Testimonials

"Sue, I just wanted to say thanks so much for everything! Through the few months I've known you, not only have I learned A LOT about training my dog, but, I've also had tons of fun doing it! There's a time to be serious and a time to play and have fun. Dogs read our energy, so, if we're happy and having fun while training they're happy and also more willing to listen. I think you do a great job at switching off between the two. You and Harry definitely know your stuff so all these years have certainly paid off! Can't wait for Wednesdays walk and all the rest of the summer things to come! :) "  -Christina

"Thank you for an amazing session of puppy training yesterday... Dakota was knocked out the rest of the night she was so tired! We have been consistently working hard on everything we learned, and she already likes her "place"! Can't wait for the next learning experience, thank you again :)" -Brittany C.

"Sue and Harry! It's been just over a week from your visit and I am so excited to say that in this short time I truly am seeing a difference in my babies! Everyday we practice, both have pretty much mastered "down"! And before each meal we spend time working on "sit", "down", "paw" and "kiss". Today we even started working on "stay" while there is a treat right in front of them.We practice nose work every day or every other day. No surprise to me, but Koda , my little fatty, is better than Beans. But Beans is doing very well also!

Last Wednesday I had my friends over and Beans did awesome! He did bark at one of them, but he also kept giving me signals that he was unsure of her and that he was trying to calm down. And of course I did what you guys told me to do and it worked! In less than 5 minutes, probably even close to 2 minutes he had calmed down! He spent the rest of the night bringing her his "babies"

I can't thank you guys enough! And once my other half gets home we definitely want to come to an agility class!!! Thank you so very much!!"  -Nicole W.

"On Saturday Royce and I completed our Canine Good Citizen course with Dynamic Dog Training. The course was fun, educational and a great bonding experience with my shelter pup. Thank you Susan Parker and Harry for everything." -Heather J.

"The students and instructors loved having you visit Pets and Vets this session! We are just getting ready to start our Spring session and I was wondering if you would able to come back as a speaker. Thanks."  -Andrea, Program Instructor at Roger Williams Park Zoo

"Thanks so much to you, Melissa, Harry and of course Miss Vickie for a wonderful evening!  Parents and kids were all saying how great it was!  Thanks for having the photographer tag along too  Can't wait to see some of the pictures!  I see you accepted my friend request on facebook and already commented on our school.  Should get me lots of points with "school people" I think, haha!  But that's not why we do what we do, right?  I'll spread the word about this Saturday on Channel 10. Also, there was a local reporter there.  If there is any newspaper coverage I'll make sure to tell you about it and make copies.  We really had fun making the bandannas and cards.  Mostly we had fun learning together!  I'm sure you'll have visitors from our school.  I know of at least one family who is planning to visit as they had scheduled a family vacation and were sorry to miss it!  Please feel free to contact us if ever you need us.  I'll keep in touch via your facebook page.  Take care and again, my thanks!" - Diane W., Feb 14, 2013

"Lake got to make friends with two little kids the other day at PetCo. The little girl was maybe 3 and she kept saying "doggy!! doggy!!" Lake heard her got all excited like she just knew the little girl was talking about her! She sat all pretty and looked up at me like "Please please can the little girl come pet me?" I told the kids parents she was friendly and they could pet her. She was such a good girl, sat the whole time no jumping and just let them love on her. She was in doggy heaven lol. Thanks so much again for the great training you gave us!!" -Chrissy B.

"Hi Sue, Thank you so much for coming yesterday! I can't tell you how much the girls enjoyed it. My girls couldn't stop talking about it, and the parents who got to watch some of it were very impressed, too! I'm attaching two pictures that are very cute. :-)  Thanks for everything!" -Amy, Girl Scout Leader

From a student doing their Senior Project on Pet Therapy, 3/14/2013:
"Dear Ms. Parker: 
I want to thank you for volunteering your time, support, and knowledge during the interview process. From this interview with you I have gained lots of knowledge about my topic. The knowledge that you provided me with will help me build a plan to train a dog to become CGC certified.  The most useful answer to me was the answer to question number four. This answer is most useful to me because you gave me good ideas to start and finish my product. Ms. Parker you played a huge role on helping me develop my product. I want to thank you again for volunteering your time, support, and knowledge during the interview process." -Devin M.

"Hello all. My husband and I met a bunch of you at the RI pet expo last weekend. You all did a great job. Thanks so much for continuing to support this wonderful breed. We live in Rumford and are definitely looking to get more involved. Certainly hope we can start joining in some walks, and having our little pittie princess, Hannah, meet some great dogs and great people!" -Tracy H.

"We had such a great time!! Bailee and I loved the  pet therapy course!" -Kimberly M.

"I loved the Pittie show at the Pet Expo in Providence yesterday, great job getting the message out there! Thank you for helping the Breed ♥ "  -Furry Angels Transport