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My son was a young boy and wanted a puppy for his birthday. Our neighbors were selling puppies and Jasmine was the last one. She was the runt of the litter. She was so cute and sweet. We took her home. When Jasmine was only three years old, she came down with kidney disease and passed away 8 months later. Our yellow lab/golden retriever dog Dakota stayed right by her side the whole time. He let out a big long sign when she passed away. She was the love of my life. Jasmine opened my eyes about many things. My vet came to our home to put her to sleep on our bed because I could not bring myself to take her to the vets to have her put down. I took a three week leave of absence from my job when she passed away. After her death, I became very involved in pit bull rescue. I now know that back yard breeders are a HUGE NO NO. I found Daisy May after Jasmine passed away at a local animal shelter. She had been at the shelter for over 6 months. I immediately saw Jasmine in her. They look VERY much alike and have many of the same great qualities. Daisy was born the same year that Jasmine passed away. Sometimes, I see Jasmine now thru Daisy. (Daisy has 4 sticky valves in her heart and also is a very small dog). Not a day has gone by since Jasmine's death that we do not think of her or miss her dearly. We miss you Jasmine. She went to Rainbow Bridge on July 13, 2001. Rest in Peace.
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